March 23, 2011

A Look At The Proposed VSA Changes

On Sunday night, the VSA Council dramatically re-structured its constitution and bylaws, creating new positions and a new council body. The restructuring will continue at this week's council meeting. Chances are you won't have time to go through the 48 pages of documents, so here is a brief look at some of the changes.

As first mentioned in the memos we leaked in February, the constitution now includes "senators." These fifteen students are "members of the VSA Council not on the VSA Executive Board," consisting of three students per class year (including the President) and an additional three appointed by the Residence Council (see below). There will now be six class officers, including the senators, rather than four.

Notably, also as leaked, house presidents will no longer sit on council and a second council body is established. The constitution now calls for a "Residence Council," consisting of house and senior housing presidents. This council of fourteen members will meet once a week and has the power to draft and recommend legislation to the VSA Council. Three of these members will serve as senators on the main council.