April 1, 2011

Best/Worst Prank Of The Day: Fish In Toilets

Based on the number of emails we've already got, the fish-toilet prank may be the biggest prank of April Fools. Apparently pranksters put guppies in the toilet bowls of Lathrop, Joss, Raymond, and possibly other dorms. There are cups on the flush handles and toilet dispensers with people's names in order to "rescue" the fish.

Explains one reader: "Ugh its actually pretty horrible seeing as EVERY SINGLE TOILET in Joss has a mini fish in it. In addition, each toilet handle has a cup to 'rescue' the fish in, but unfortunately it is near impossible to do with how the toilet is shaped. So, use the lou or kill a fish. What a horrible April fools!"

"Just spent a half hour getting fish out of the toilets of Joss. Really?" wrote Joss House President Dan Flynn '13 on Facebook.

"You know who this isn't an April Fools joke for? The fish," wrote another Joss resident on Facebook.

"Why would they sacrifice the lives of animals for a prank?" writes another reader. "This is disgusting."

Update: We've gotten more information as the day went on. Fish were in Noyes also. Students called B&G, although it's unclear right now what exactly they did. We also have an official statement from Joss President Dan Flynn '13:

"I think it's disgusting, rude, unethical, and not funny in any way. What has been touching to see, however, is the amount of students who have taken it upon themselves to save and take care of the fish."

The big campus pranks always seem to involve bathrooms. In 2008, students stole toothbrushes from the bathrooms of dorms all over campus and stuck them in the ground of the Quad. Last year, students removed shower curtains from dorm bathrooms.


Alex said...

maybe if you flush them down they can swim through the sewers and return to the ocean à la finding nemo! a-doy.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who thought this would be a funny prank, but its disgusting and cruel. Totally lacking in judgement and thought. I think the campus should penalize this kind of behavior harshly, because it is disturbing and mean-spirited.

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