April 12, 2011

BREAKING: Judicial Board Rules Referendum Unconstitutional

Breaking: In tonight's hearing, the Judicial Board ruled that the VSA changes referendum is unconstitutional and null. The VSA executive board, however, has appealed the decision and a new hearing will take place today (Tuesday). Filing for Spring elections, which has already been delayed, is now pushed to Wednesday.

The majority of students who voted in the referendum, which closed on Saturday, voted in favor of the proposed changes. These results were challenged, however, on the grounds that the decision must be based on the majority of the entire student body and not just those who voted in the referendum.

Here is what happened tonight, according to a Council member:

"Basically, after the hearing, the Jud Board began deliberations and took a straw poll of the four voting reps.  3 found in favor of Ruby/ the defense, and 1 was undecided.  After about three hours of deliberation, they found something else to look to--the issue of whether there should have been an abstention option on the referendum ballot (there wasn't, but the issue of abstention came up during the hearing and ultimately decided this case).  The Jud Board ruled against the VSA, declaring the referendum null based on this omission.

VSA Exec feels that the issue of abstention had not come up during the hearing, and that since no evidence or argumentation had been presented, the grounds for the decision were unfair and unrelated to the question at hand.  Exec has filed an appeal on these grounds, and a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow (time unknown).  Filing for Spring elections will be postponed for another 24 hours and will begin Wednesday morning."


Anonymous said...

The judicial board ruled in favor of the complaint without consideration of the content of the referendum... this post implies the panel had an agenda. From the chair's official statement you can see their proceedings were non-partisan, but that the account of the only council member present, as quoted, was very biased, though he was sitting on the panel as a non-voting adviser.

Let's think which party was "reaching" for their personal motives, really...

Aardvark said...

Exec Board. #desperate

Anonymous said...

The intent of the VSA Exec board has always been clear - they have worked on the proposed amendments all year. It's their baby. As VSA Council has always been a self-governing body, they have the right to do so. That said, the waters are getting a bit murky with all these appeals going back and forth...

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