April 18, 2011

Cappy Twiter Impostor Featured In USA Today

A USA Today article discusses the recent trend in students impersonating college presidents on Twitter, including the situation at Vassar last summer. You might recall the story we broke back in June when someone made fake Twitter accounts for different administrators until the microblogging site suspended the accounts at Vassar's request. From the article:

"But not all colleges have had such a laissez-faire attitude toward presidential impostors... The University of Texas at Austin did the same to shutter the account of someone dissembling as President William C. Powers. So did Vassar, when officials learned that there were phony Twitter accounts for the president, the dean of the college, the director of residential life, and the director of security...
Bret Ingerman, Vassar’s vice president for computing and information services, said that unlike the outrageous fare that one might find on the fake Bollinger feed ('making all my pants into cutoffs might have been premature'), the fake feed for Vassar president Catharine Bond Hill seemed to be imitating Hill’s administrative pronouncements without parody. 'It was clearly not satire,' Ingerman says. 'It did not come across that way.' Hill does not have a Twitter account, but the tweets resembled messages she recently had sent to the campus through other channels, Ingerman said."

What the article fails to mention (and what many people at Vassar might not know) is that the Cappy parody account actually returned in January, although it hasn't had any new tweets in months.


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