April 6, 2011

Decade-Old Vassar Party Clips Now Online

Ever wonder what Vassar parties were like a decade ago? Now, thanks to Fatty Productions, you have the opportunity to find out. The documentary production company has added a series to their website called "The Vassar Days," which includes eleven clips of Vassar parties filmed in 2001.

[Fatty Productions]
"Back when Jewett was old, you could have parties in dorm hallways, and students ran the Mug, Fatty Productions Investigators were documenting the Vassar College scene," the group states on its website. "Come along...and revisit the glory days, as we release a new throwback episode each week."

Current clips include an off-campus Halloween party, keg parties in the hallways of Main and a pre-renovated Jewett, and, rather unbelievably, students playing on construction equipment in the middle of the night at the Vassar Farm. Most of the videos are hand-held and in night vision and have little editing other than a few fade-to-black transitions.

[Dowlatshahi as a child, courtesy him]
Fatty Productions' website, which features other mini-documentaries in addition to the Vassar clips, does a good job at being anonymous, although we have reason to believe alumnus and freelance videographer Cyrus Dowlatshahi is behind it.


Houston said...

Did you peep the drunken workout video, though? Apparently some people don't come to Vassar to fuck around...

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