April 11, 2011

Even Cappy Goes To The Free Market

A tipster spotted Cappy at the Vassar Greens' new Free Market on Saturday. She didn't buy anything, but said she "might bring something by."

According to a rep for the Vassar Greens:

"The Free Market is a completely student-run store in the SAU room in the college center (go up the stairs by the Kiosk, take a right, take another right) that's open Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 12-5 PM. It offers free, gently used items to anyone. Customers can take up to 3 items per visit. Donations are graciously accepted but not required. It was created by the Zero-Waste committee in the Greens to promote reuse and keep unwanted items out of landfills. One person's trash is truly another person's treasure, and we capitalize on that at the Free Market."

So, you can end up owning something that belonged to Cappy! For free!


Coweh said...

you mean she didn't say, "this isn't what i want?"

one two six oh four said...

I may have to make a cartoon about this.