April 20, 2011

Events To Get You Through The Day (4/20)

Here is a list of some conveniently scheduled events to get you through the day. You know, April 20th.

The Daisy Chain and African Violets Spring Auction. The event description mentions "more baked goods than you can possible handle." 5:30pm, Retreat.

Around the World: Africa. Eat free food and talk about how you feel about the world. 3:30pm, Rose Parlor.

VSBU Presents Electric-Paisley-Blacklight-Dayglo-Garden Show. If the event title alone doesn't stimulate you, the blacklights, lightshow, or psychedelic music will. 8:30pm, Mug.

Update: Is it only a coincidence that Luis Inoa just sent out an all-campus email reminding students of the smoking policy?


Trapellar said...

A suggestion from a Vassar grad and journalist:

- A few questions about the candidates' hometown and formative years would go a LONG way to shining some more light on their character today.

If they were being interviewed by a mainstream newspaper, they would be interviewed on their background. Their lives didn't just begin at Vassar, so let the readers know who they really are.

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