April 4, 2011

Exclusive: First Look At "Chronicle" Issue #3

Here is an exclusive message from MICA about the third installment of The Chronicle, which will be available on Tuesday and Wednesday The cover features our VSA President Mat Leonard '11 in costume.

"M.I.C.A. is excited to announce the publication of The Chronicle's third issue, which will tackle the issue of constitutional reform (including a debate between Alex Koren and Michael Moore), analyze New York's budget, and feature an in-depth review of Gaddafi's Green Book, a substantial column by Professor Ismail Rashid on the Libyan conflict, and Office Hours with Professor James Challey on the volatile nuclear crisis in Japan, as well as other prominent issues as we move into April. And if all that's not enough to entice you, we've put Mat Leonard's visage on the cover. #collector'sedition, #adonisancestry.

Tabling will be scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday in the Retreat (lunch) and ACDC (dinner). Hope you'll pick up your copy."

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