April 1, 2011

How Pranksters Almost Got Mads

Before we tell you how a tipster tried to prank Mads this morning for April Fools, let us just say that we did not fall for it. Ok, we were seconds away from posting it. Nicely done. Here is an email we got from a reader:

"Hi Mads Vassar,

I'm the Vassar student rep for the new Poughkeepsie location of Wienerschnitzel... I would be much obliged if you could help push out a special promo we're doing tomorrow. Details below...

Wienerschnitzel has found a new home in Poughkeepsie! Conveniently located on Collegeview Ave., the premier hot dog and sausage franchise features the most delicious Wienerschnitzel around. To celebrate the opening of our new location, we're offering a number of special promotions for a limited time only. Follow us on Twitter @freewiener or check out the website www.freewienerschnitzel.com for the latest deals just for Vassar students!

Wienerschnitzel Poughkeepsie is online at www.freewienerschnitzel.com, and anyone who has any questions or comments can email me at freewienerschnitzel@gmail.com."

Yes, all those links work. The so-called "student rep" even set up a Mads Vassar special. But the line above the phone number (which matches with the student rep's number) should give it away:
Nice try, reader!


Chad said...

Anyone who knows German food can tell you than wienerschnitzel has nothing to do with wieners. They're two Viennese meat foods, sure, but schnitzel and wurst are completely different.

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