April 21, 2011

It's Confirmed: CCL Wants Party Kegs Gone

Within minutes of posting an email from a concerned student regarding the possible banning of kegs on campus, a rep for the Committee for College Life confirmed that the group is in fact looking into a proposal that will disallow students from having kegs at registered parties.

The rep says the committee has already drafted language for the proposal. Again, this will not affect kegs at campus events, just those listed as alcohol for registered student parties.

"Apparently Vassar is one of the only schools that still 'allows' students to have kegs," the rep exclusively tells Mads. "There's some concern that having ResLife approve students to serve alcohol from a common container opens the school up to a lot of liability."

In fact, the proposal will also include the ban of punch bowls and other communal drinks.

Dean Roellke, who has been vocal this year against the current level of alcohol use on campus, is chair of the committee.

Update: We just spoke to Dean Roellke who clarified that 22 people will be voting on the proposal, ten faculty members/administration, twelve students. 60% need to vote yes in order for it to pass. Roellke says this recommendation came from the drug and alcohol education sub-committee of CCL and has been a long standing recommendation. "As in all cases of college regulations, we proceed through shared governance and student input is highly important in this process," he says.


Lolo said...

hmm seems almost like this would discourage people from registering their parties at all...people will just have unregistered parties with kegs in the bathtub and hope they don't get caught...

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