April 25, 2011

*Live-Blogging The VSA Election Results Party*

For the second year, we'll be live-blogging the VSA Election Results party in the Retreat. Keep refreshing the page for the latest results! You can also see the results unfolding on our Twitter page. Scroll down for latest update!

We apologize in advance in a name is misspelled or we left out a position. We did the best we could!

11:56 p.m. Here we go, people! The Retreat is filling up quickly with candidates, friends, and gawkers.

11:58 Spotted: Current VSA President Mat Leonard '11, candidate for Jewett president Clayton Masterman '13, VSA VP candidate Charlie Dobb '12.

12:00 Candidate Matt Wheeler '12 also here. VSA Exec. Board is gathering with the Elections Committee.

12:01 Leonard speaking, flanked by elections committee.

12:02 Aaron Grober '11 speaking about All School Gift.

12:03 The results are beginning:

Campus Investor Resp. Com. Travis Edwards, Kelly Shortridge. CCL: Madeline Zappala, Jon Lee, Rebecca Bower. Food: Rachel Kate Ringo Shore. Master Planning. Carlos, Amanda Wiggum, Lindsey Haggerdy. Sustain: Tess Dernbak

12:05 Com on Inclu and Excellence: Michael Hedridge. Advisory: Meg Levine. Aid: Cassidy Hollinger, Lauren McKlane, Seth Werner.

Judicial board....

Treasurer - Vera Lee
Secretary - Thomas Hochla
Vice President - Lilian Doyle
President - Daniel Shaw

12:08 Noyes:
Treasurer - Lizzie Tepler
Secretary - Olivia McGiff
Vice President - Kelly Harrington
President - Debrorah Steinberg

12:09 Joss
Treasurer -  Matthew Choe
Secretary - Alexander Gros
Vice President - James Quigg
President - Michael Kiel

12:10 Jewett
Treasurer - Claire Grosel
Secretary - Sarah Warmbein
Vice President - Kiet Phun
President - Clayton Masterman

12:10 Raymond - President Sam Brucker

12:11 Davison -
Secretary - Emma Daniels
Vice President - Sarah Spitz
President - Doug Gree

12:12 Strong - President Manning Wu

Lathrop:  TIE for sophomore rep (Aoife Feighery, Erina Kii). Leonard clarifying process for ties.
 Treasurer - Connor Martini
Secretary - Nicolette Harley
Vice President - Robbie Trocchia
President - Dallas Robinson

Treasurer - Isabelle Zee
Secretary - Kim Benenhaley
Vice President - Jack Mullan
President - Sienna Brown

THs:  Jon Wood, Daryl Duran, president Alejandro Montoya

TAs: Lauren Maclean, Carolina Iosso, April Cha president.

SoCos: president Matt Wheeler

2014 president Michael Moore

Treasurer -Amy Corenswet
Secretary- John Lee
Vice President -Amanda Crommett
President- Vincent Marchetta

2012 Gabriel Kelly-Ramirez treas, VP Raymon Azcona, President tie! Zan Schmidt and Pam Vogel

VP for Finance - Jason Rubin
VP Activities - Michael Thottam
VP Academics - Kate Dolson
VP for Operations - Jenna Konstantine...tears!
VP for Student Life - Charlie Dobb
President - TANAY TATUM - received highest number of votes in history of VSA.