April 21, 2011

Meet The Candidates: Jordan Tower '13

Next up is Jordan Tower '13, running for VSA Vice President for Academics.

Mads Vassar: What experience qualifies you for the position?

Jordan Tower: Although I do not have experience on VSA council, I love getting things done and feeling like I've actually made a difference. This is especially true when I am not just representing myself. If I'm elected and can accomplish something major (e.g. lab credit), I will be able to see how happy it will make the student body, and that is amazing to me. I believe that this drive qualifies me for the position; if I don't know how to do something, I will figure it out and make it happen.

MV: What campus issue matters most to you?

JT: The most important issues to me are those that are mentioned in my candidate statement: lab credit and course offerings. I am a biology major, and I am currently taking orgo, so I understand all of the work that goes into a lab. Lab classes require 2.6 times the class hours of a lecture class; it just doesn't seem right that they equal the same amount of credit. I also feel that drama students should get more than a half credit for being in a show. I see my friends going off to rehearsal 4 hours per night for weeks, and I truly believe they deserve a full credit for all the work that they do. Another important issue is the consistency of course offerings from year to year. I admittedly do not know how the system works for when classes will be offered and when they will not. However, I do know that whenever pre-registration rolls around, I hear people complaining that they wanted (or needed) to take a certain class, and it is not offered the next semester. This completely throws off planning, especially for people who are going abroad and planned around when they would be away. I do not yet know how this situation can be fixed, but I believe it needs to be.

MV: If anything, what do you want to see changed about the VSA?

JT: The main thing that I would like to see changed about VSA council is its relationship with the student body. I also mention this in my candidate statement, that there is an "us and them" mentality surrounding council. I think this is awful, considering council is supposed to represent the student body. I think that we need to improve communication so that the student body feels like council is a group of people representing the entire student body, with its interests at heart. In my statement I proposed regular town hall events in the dorms to discuss what is going on in the VSA and allow people to ask questions.

MV: Describe your platform in 140 characters.

JT: Lab credit. Transparency. Consistency. Representation. Communication. Feeling of community. Honesty. Student body input. Crazy fun times forever. Happy Vassar

MV: Ok, now you can elaborate...

JT: I essentially just want to make people feel more satisfied with the Vassar experience in general. If there is a problem, I want to fix it.

MV: What is your favorite Vassar memory or moment?

JT: My favorite memory is getting ready for Halloween last year. A group of friends and I were Stepford wives. I'm not big on the whole makeup thing, so my friend, Cass Hollinger, was doing my makeup for me. My top eyelid tends to freak out and twitch a lot when someone puts eyeliner on me. Hilarity ensued. (see attached picture)

MV: What is your favorite Vassar memory or moment?

JT: I'm actually super shy, so this campaign is terrifying. I think that fact really indicates how important this is to me. I overcome my shyness for things that really matter, and this is one of those things.


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