April 20, 2011

Meet The Candidates: Kate Dolson '13

Our fourth interview with with Kate Dolson '13, candidate for VSA Vice President for Academics.

Mads Vassar: What experience qualifies you for the position?

Kate Dolson: Over the past year, I have sat on VSA council as Ferry Haus Rep and, within the VSA, I have served on Academics and Finance committees. Externally, I have sat on CLRG (Campus Life Resource Group) as the VSA representative. This is a committee headed by administration which puts on All College Day as well as multiple conversation dinners throughout the year, working to cultivate a space where all members of the Vassar community (students, faculty, administration, and staff) feel welcome and safe discussing issues on campus. This has to be one of the most interesting committees I have had the fortune to sit on, full of the most amazing people (seriously, next year people should check it out, it is open to the entire campus and has been one of the most fulfilling things I have done at Vassar). Basically, I know the issues, I have experience working with administration, but more than that, I am passionate about this position and really think I could improve the academic experience at Vassar.

MV: What campus issue matters most to you?

KD: If you have read my campaign statement, you have seen the huge list of things I would like to do, and it is hard to pick out one issue that matters most. If I had to say, the issue I would like to focus on would be increasing accessibility for students with disabilities in Academics. It is something that needs a lot of work, but, with that dedicated effort, could really show positive change in the upcoming year.

MV: If anything, what do you want to see changed about the VSA?

KD: With the recent referendum, this is a bit of a throw away question. It is clear that the VSA needs to be more transparent and inclusive, but how can this happen? I, personally, would like to see the discussions about restructuring continue, but within the entire student body. It is imperative that next year's VSA ask you all as Vassar students what you want your student government to look like and create the forums to have these discussions.

MV: Describe your platform in 140 characters.

KD: I could talk about lab credits or preprofessional advising, but more importantly, I want to promote greater student input in shaping the agenda of both myself and the VSA. (I am three characters over, please don't sue me!)

MV: Ok, now you can elaborate...

KD: Academics is why we are all here, and so it is key that the student voice be represented. That is the whole purpose of this position, and so it would be unfair you all if I were to focus solely on issues which interested and effected me as an individual student. So while I do want to work on issues such as:
* improving accessibility for students with disabilities
* getting credits for labs
* researching the possibility of a social consciousness requirement
* develop a better pre-professional advising department

I would want to make sure I was focusing on the things that students were concerned about. This is something I feel really passionate about and would be willing to make this position as open and transparent as possible to encourage this communication.

MV: What is your favorite Vassar memory or moment?

KD: So this might sound a little corny, and perhaps it is, but my favorite Vassar moment was coming back to school this year. Move-in day freshman year was not the idyllic first day portrayed in all the movies; the weather was too hot, my room was a mess of boxes and bags, and my mom cried. This year (I am a sophomore), I saw Main gate and it was as if I was coming home.
MV: Anything you want to add?

KD: Something more I would like to add? I am a Greek and Roman Studies major with a passion for dead languages. I love to cook and baking goodies is my go-to method of procrastination. I am a leo with green eyes and (dyed!) blond hair. I am really rather friendly (except when I am stressing out about dead languages) so feel free to talk to me if you have any questions or email me at kadolson[at]vassar.edu. Thank you for your time, and remember to vote!


Anonymous said...

I for one think that you are fantastic! I know you from first hand experience and can tell anyone and everyone that you have a fire that is very rare and shines through your ridiculously cute smile!You are always happy and are constantly looking to cheer people up no matter what your mood of the day is. I wish you the best today, tomorrow, and always, thank you Kate for being everything and only what you are! Chris

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