April 10, 2011

A Message From T.O.N.C.A.

Here is a message from T.O.N.C.A. (Together Opposing Neglect and Child Abuse) about their upcoming I Won't Grow Up Day event.

"On APRIL 16th from 12-4 is T.O.N.C.A.'s 31st annual I Won't Grow Up Day.

I Won't Grow Up Day is a really great celebration of childhood that draws in Vassar students, staff, children of staff, and families from Poughkeepsie. It is a chance to work with kids and a wonderful way to foster community both within Vassar and outside its walls. An added bonus is that it’s an opportunity to be a kid again! Each year, we have performances from student groups, as well as booths such as pasta jewelry, cookie-decorating, sand art, face-painting, bouncy castle, cakewalk, and a petting zoo.  Although all events and booths are free, we do collect donations throughout the day which all go to the Poughkeepsie Child Abuse Prevention Center.