April 27, 2011

More Hate Graffiti On Campus

Following yesterday's story about a swastika found on a bench near Blodgett, a tipster just sent in these photographs of graffiti in the Town Houses. Someone wrote in black marker on an emergency blue light, "EMERGENCYs are gay." We're told that this has been there since at least the beginning of the semester.


Chris Whitney said...
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Jim said...

I wish we'd take this more seriously. Anyone who has ever been to the library men's bathroom will have seen plenty of anti-Semetic--not to mention racist and homophobic--graffiti. That said, I can never know whether or to take it seriously; I wouldn't put it past Vassar students to write this crap "ironically."

Blair said...
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Becoming Aware said...

Jesus Christ. What a bunch of sheltered rich kids. Why don't you go to the real world, i.e. a public school, for a day and check out the bathrooms there? Your naive little heads might spin.

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