April 29, 2011

One Two Six Oh Four's Dream Comes True

Back in April after the AAVC put Meryl Streep in Matthew Vassar drag and stuck her in that famous portrait, campus blogger One Two Six Oh Four made a cartoon of herself as Matthew on an imagined Vassar homepage. She wrote, "This isn’t real, but it would make my day/semester/entire college career if it were."

Well today we opened up the Vassar homepage and there it was! Looks like someone's dream came true. It's even got the stolen kiwi bird that now only half of Vassar students will remember.

It's been a pretty good week for One Two Six Oh Four. Not only is the cartoon on the Vassar homepage, but the blog also got a significant mention in Dean Chenette's Convocation speech.


one two six oh four said...


Lolo said...

congrats 12604! you deserve the recognition for your awesomeness!

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