April 26, 2011

Security Finds Swastika Graffiti On Bench

In an all-campus email sent moments ago, Cappy informed students that last Friday a Safety & Security officer found swastika graffiti on a bench near Blodgett.

"This kind of graffiti is anti-Semitic in nature, offensive, and intolerable within our community," Cappy wrote. "The strength of our community demands that we respect the diverse beliefs and traditions our students, faculty, and staff value.  To step away from that respect in any way diminishes the community for everyone."

This is not the first scandal involving a hate symbol on campus. In Fall 2008, the ALANA center sign was vandalized. In October 2007, a miniature noose was found in Jewett.


Jim said...

I wish we'd take this more seriously. Anyone who has ever been to the library men's bathroom will have seen plenty of anti-Semetic--not to mention racist and homophobic--graffiti. That said, I can never know whether or to take it seriously; I wouldn't put it past Vassar students to write this crap "ironically."

Security Training Courses said...

Were the security personnel able to track the people involved in this action. Vandalism is something that we should not tolerate.

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