April 26, 2011

Senior Class Presidential Election Results In Tie

 One of the more dramatic results announced tonight is that the Senior Class presidential race resulted in a tie between Zan Schmidt '12 and Pam Vogel '12. The decision will be made in a vote at this Sunday's VSA Council meeting.

The sophomore representative position for Lathrop also resulted in a tie.

Zan was spotted after the results party in good spirits, but expressed to a friend disappointment that the process would be prolonged. 


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Nick said...


From the VSA Constitution:
Section 2: Terms of Office
A. VSA elected and appointed positions shall have a term of office from spring Convocation to Spring Convocation of the following year, unless stated otherwise.

Bylaws VI.8.E.1:
In the event of a tie between two candidates, in which each candidate has received 50% of the total vote, excluding abstentions, the candidates shall be required to come before the VSA Council for a question and answer period, after which the VSA Council existing during the election shall cast the deciding votes with everyone voting but the VSA President, who shall cast the deciding vote in the case of a tie.

The only way I see this being a completely unbiased vote is if the new VSA council votes on it. I think if the current council abstains from voting altogether, the new one would take up the vote. However, I'm guessing that might be up to Judicial Board's discretion. DEJA VU. ugh.

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