April 21, 2011

Sent In By You: Is Vassar Banning Kegs?

Every now and then we'll get an email from a concerned student about a campus issue. We just heard from a senior who believes that the Committee for College Life is looking into the possibility of banning kegs from campus. Here is what the student has to say:

"It's come to my attention from more than one student member of CCL that a proposal was put on the table recently and is coming to a vote soon about banning kegs from campus. (Students would be unable to register parties with kegs.) Obviously there are a lot of safety implications that the administration is completely ignoring accompanying this decision. Underclassmen would pregame harder in the dorms, there would be more open bucket liquor drinks like jungle juice, etc. One of the reasons the administration is citing is that kegs allow students to walk around with open containers which could be dangerous with lacing drinks. Should we ban kegs god forbid someone could lace the entire drink supply of a gin bucket or whatever it is. Also dipping a cup in an open bucket takes a lot less time than filling up drinks at a keg meaning students will have more access to the drink supply at quicker intervals and compounding that with the strength of the drink it's a recipe for disaster.

There will be an online vote for members of CCL and there are more faculty voting to begin with, not to mention the two VSA exeutive board members who are on board with this. CCL has made it an online vote so everyone feels 'comfortable,' which is code for 'so students can vote for it without other students knowing.' They keep citing all these 'empirical studies,' but those are not conducted using schools or students similar to ourselves and we are not frat brothers at West Virginia, so I'm at a loss as to how that data applies to us or informs decisions about how to handle us. This is all being kept very hush hush from the students and we want them to know."

We have an email in to a rep for CCL to find out what's going on. Stay tuned.


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