April 6, 2011

Shake Up In "Chronicle" Editorial Board

Despite the overwhelming success of MICA's Chronicle, Editor-in-Chief Steve Keller '11 has decided to step down.

“I wanted to announce that I am resigning my position as Editor-in-Chief of the Vassar Chronicle due to content and production issues," Steve tells Mads in an exclusive statement. "Setting up this paper has been quite an experience, and we are thankful to the readers that has been with us on this journey.”

Jeremy Bright '11, president of the org behind the publication, tells us that Alaric Chinn '13 will take over as Editor-in-Chief. "We also assure our readership that production will continue as planned and we thank Vassarions for their continued support," says Jeremy.

Lane Kisonak ‘13, National Affairs Editor, and Michelle Cantos ‘11, Foreign Affairs Editor, have also resigned from their positions.

P.S. We appreciate the shout-out in the newest issue.


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