April 15, 2011

This Weekend On Campus: South By Edition

There's no doubt that one campus event this weekend will dominate all of the others: South By South Commons. If any of you attended Howbowt two years ago, it's going to be like that but bigger and better. There will be a flea market, food vendors, and a silent rave in a ginormous tent. Sick. Here is our weekly list of things to check out. Email madsvassar[at]gmail.com for publicity.

Hour of Silence, 4pm Res Quad. Wear red.
Japan Relief Dinner, 5pm UpC
Vassar's Best Dance Crew, 7pm Villard Room
"The Fantasticks," 7pm Mug - Reserve tickets at InfoDesk
"The Laramie Project," 8pm Streep Studio (Center for Drama & Film)
Indecent Exposure Sketch Show, 10pm Sanders
7-11 Mug Night, 10:30pm Mug

I Won't Grow Up Day, 12pm College Center
South by South Commons, 1pm (continues all day and night) SoCos
"The Laramie Project," 1pm and 5pm Streep Studio (Center for Drama & Film) 
"The Fantasticks," 7pm Mug
QCVC Mug Night, 10pm Mug
Indecent Exposure Sketch Show, 10pm Sanders

Butterbeer Classic, 11am Noyes Circle
"The Laramie Project," 3pm Streep Studio (Center for Drama & Film)

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