April 29, 2011

This Weekend On Campus...Brewers Edition

The Royal Wedding might be happening on the other side of the ocean, but this weekend is FOUNDER'S DAY, the biggest event ever. There will be carnival rides, games, outdoor film screenings, fireworks, concerts, local food vendors, and lots and lots of beer. It's the last weekend before classes end; let's raise our steins to Matthew Vassar for giving us this opportunity to party.

(P.S. Most people don't know this, but "Mads" is the Danish form of Matthew. Hence Mads Vassar.)

Artist in Residence's White Flags Reception, 2:30pm Chapel Lawn (Rain: Loeb)
Matthew's Follies, 6pm Martel (Drama & Film Bldg)

10:00AM: Fun Run, Ballantine Field
11:00 AM: Field opens (rides & games, music, vendors begin)
11:00 - 2:00: Kids' Hours
1:00: Cappy's toast, Beer truck opens
1:15: Buses leave from Ballantine for visit to Matthew Vassar's grave and Colton Johnson tour
5:00 Field closes - BBQ by Walker
9:00: Fireworks over Sunset Lake
9:15: Outdoor screening of "Sentimental Journey," Sunset Lake
9:30: Outdoor screening of "Mary Poppins," Sunset Lake

Music schedule:
11:00 AM: Body Electric (students)
11:40: The Chris O'Leary Band (alumna)
12:20: Waffle Stompers
1:10: Movement (students)
1:50: DJ Respire (alumnus)
2:50: DJ Ayres (alumnus)


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