April 8, 2011

This Weekend On Campus...Parental Invasion Edition

Time to hide those few remaining Lokos - parents are coming! This weekend is All Families Weekend, which means you'll probably be stopped more than a few times and asked directions to some event, so you better be prepared! Here is our weekly list of everything worth checking out. Email madsvassar[at]gmail.com for publicity. Click here for the official Families Weekend schedule.

"No Exit," 6pm Mug
"The Cradle Will Rock," 8pm Powerhouse
"Death and the Maiden," 8pm Shiva
Throwback Yuh Bumpa, 10pm Villard Room

Men's Rugby vs. RPI, 11am Vassar Farm
Joss Beach Bash, 12pm Joss Beach
Families Weekend A Cappella Concert, 12pm Rocky 300
VRDT Families Weekend Performance, 1pm Kenyon
Ice Cream Social, 2pm CC Circle
Women's Rugby vs. UMass, 2pm Vassar Farm
"No Exit," 3pm/6pm Mug
'The Cradle Will Rock," 3pm/8pm Powerhouse
ASU Dinner & Mug Night, 6pm Villard Room/Mug
"Death and the Maiden," 8pm Shiva
Opera Workshop, 8pm Skinner
Spring Fire Show, 9pm Res Quad
Roaring Twenties, 10pm UpC

Magic: The Gathering Draft Tournament, 2pm Faculty Commons
Opera Workshop, 8pm Skinner
Midnight French Toast, 10pm Aula


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