April 13, 2011

Vassar Student Special For BoxMyDorm

Last month we told you about BoxMyDorm, a service that makes shipping and storing dorm room stuff easy. We don't want to make this sound like a full advertisement, but the company's Vassar rep has set up some useful discounts for Vassar students. Use the following codes to get money off, as described by the rep:

BMDSAVEBIG11 = Reduces the cost of storage by $10 per month when you use it under "Choose/Change Storage Option," saving you $40 over the course of the summer! Usable through April 20th.

FREESHIPSUPPLIES11 = Gives you a free Box Kit ($40 value), complete with boxes and packing supplies, when you use it to "order moving kits." Super helpful if you don't want to go far to buy your packing supplies.

All orders come with free curbside pickup and insurance.

You can also check out this promotional video featuring three Vassar students.


Anonymous said...

Box my dorm was supoosed to make my move easy, but they do not know what they are doing. They showed up 5 hours late to pick up the boxes and they still have not re-delivered them to me and I was supposed to get them 2 weeks ago... Even worse, the only way to contact them is by email.

unhappy customer said...

This company is the most unorganized company I have ever dealt with. DO NOT use them to store your students valuables over the summer. They are rude and once they have your boxes, they can only be reached by email and are very hard to get in touch with. You will get charged even after the boxes have been delivered back to you...very sketchy company!!!

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