April 5, 2011

What People Are Saying About The Alleged Embezzlement

[Arthur Fisher, Mid-Hudson News]
Mads read through the comments in the Poughkeepsie Journal article on the alleged embezzlement and things aren't looking good for Vassar. Here is what people are saying...

"Someone at Vassar needs to be fired immediately. What a mess!"

"They didnt notice almost two mill missing? seriously? We so po' (poor ha) at our place if $5 is misplaced, someone noticed and yells like hell!"

"do better background checks and this would not have happened."

"shame on these people for what they did, but in all honesty, shame on Vassar college for allowing this to happen."

"There should be NO WAY anybody can walk off with that kind f money UNCHECKED for months and months and months!"

"Some heads at Vassar need to be FIRED! Period. That much money over that long a period just shows bad oversight by administration."


derek said...

Disclaimer: I'm not involved in the investigation in any way.

This was going on for a while, and he is alleged to have had a phony construction company. What would probably happen is there'd be some $1.4M construction project the school was doing. Steer the work to his own "construction company", pay $1.3M to a real company, and pocket the difference.

Now, realistically, it doesn't have to be that grand, it could be $5K of a $60K project, of which there are many more to go around. Over time, that all adds up, especially when you have no operating costs to speak of in your "business".

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