April 11, 2011

Who Is Reading Mads Vassar?

Our annual readership polls are closed and you may be surprised to find out who is reading Mads Vassar.

Of 312 votes (the highest participation we've gotten in three years), 77% of readers (241) are current Vassar students. Alumni make up the second largest group of readers with 12% (40). Surprisingly, prospective students are the third largest group, with 4% (14). Vassar faculty and employees and parents of students each have 1%, while local residents, students elsewhere, and "other" are each under 1%.

The readership among Vassar students is rather equally distributed, with 2012 and 2013 having the most readers (each 27%) and 2011 (21%) and 2014 (23%) having less. We actually expected the opposite of this, as current seniors have grown up with the blog since 2007 and freshmen have experienced its comeback following last semester's hiatus.

Finally, as for how often people read Mads, the majority of people polled (35%) read it a few times a week. A slightly smaller number, however, (32%) check it at least once a day. Smaller still is the group of readers who check it every now and then (23%), and 9% of readers polled check it whenever there is a Twitter post.

How do these results compare to previous years? In 2008, the readership was much more split. 48% belonged to 2011, while 4% belonged to 2012, and only 1% were alumni. We're happy to see that the blog is now reaching out to a more diverse group of people.

Thank you for voting! As we approach 900,000 site visits, please let us know what you like or dislike about the blog by emailing madsvassar[at]gmail.com.

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