April 24, 2011

Your Complete Of Montreal Round-Up

The annual Spring Concert was last night and while it's tough to beat last year's Flaming Lips at the Civic Center, last night's event was the first of its kind. The Knocks and of Montreal performed in Walker, which hasn't been used as a concert venue since 2007. Ticket prices were rather steep, but concertgoers got a lot of bang for their buck, including freebies like slap bracelets. ViCE estimates that over 1,000 people were in attendance, including a fair share of non-Vassar students.

The Knocks opened at 10:15 p.m. and got the crowd going with a combination of original music and mash-up remixes, to which they added live instrumentation. By the time of Montreal took the stage, the venue was completely full. While the group had lots of costumes and props on stage, students took the opportunity to dress up also.

 Backstage, both groups had some interesting warm up activities. Three guys from of Montreal tried unsuccessfully to jump rope, while the guys from the Knocks sang some of Britney Spears "Til the World Ends."

Students may have been surprised by the strong presence of an outside security team. After several events in the past few years of Vassar Safety and Security being unable to control the crowds at large-scale events like this one, ViCE hired outside security for the first time in at least four years. While some students may have been annoyed at the wands and bag checks at the venue entrance, the additional security took the pressure off of Vassar's employees, who took on roles like watching the backdoors, and also off of the student volunteers.

Off-stage, the event was relatively drama free. An ambulance and two police cars were called for one student who refused to be searched upon entrance. There was at least one EMS incident in the venue. At one point, EMS had to treat Alejandro Calcano '11, the event's organizer, after he was hit in the head with a water cooler. (Don't worry he was fine and even smiled for the cameras.)


Alex said...

Multiple sources spotted Nasim Pedrad from SNL. CELEB ALERT LOL

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