May 7, 2011

Another Poughkeepsie Shooting

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There was another shooting in downtown Poughkeepsie late Wednesday night, this time at the well-known bar Congress. According to The Poughkeepsie Journal, Newburgh man Mahdi Elting, 26, was interacting with four men when they decided to move towards the door and then outside, where the shooting may have occurred. Police are giving only limited information. Police charged three men with second-degree murder, one man with criminal possession of a weapon, and one woman with tampering with evidence.

Below is an actual photograph PoJo took of one of the men arrested.

Mayor John Tkazyik is now calling for Congress to be closed on grounds that the establishment "permits disorderly behavior." At least three cases, all of which have been dismissed, have been filed against the bar in recent years. The bar has been under the same family's ownership since 1949.

Congress is a seven minute drive from Vassar, and only blocks away from February's shooting that left a woman and a police officer dead.


Anonymous said...

Is he... trying to confirm terrible stereotypes?

Anonymous said...

yes, yes stereotypes, three steps back, implications, etc. (i'm a person of color btw so i also got the cringe.)

but that picture is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

maybs he's just trying to say fuck the police. that's what i say.

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