May 9, 2011

BREAKING: VSA Upholds Re-Elections Policy, Appoints Garza As Main House President

Shortly after 8 p.m. tonight, the VSA Council appointed Jeremy Garza '14 to the position of Main House President. This appointment concludes several days of controversy following Sienna Brown '13's resignation from the position and original candidate William Serio '13 calling for changes to the re-election process.

Jeremy came in second place to Sienna in the initial election. When asked how he thought the new president should be appointed, he said, "I trust whatever decision the Council thinks is best."


Anonymous said...

I've got no skin in this game, but that kinda seems like bullshit.

Anonymous said...

"I trust whatever decision the Council thinks is best."

Of course he would. The Council is, for the majority, on his side. Definitely unfair.

Anonymous said...

He only lost to Sienna by 21 votes... How was it unfair?