May 14, 2011

Bridegroom Death Finally Getting Coverage

Finally, Vassar alumnus and television celebrity Tom Bridegroom who tragically passed away a few days ago, is finally getting the coverage he deserves:

WVKI: "Former Starke County Man Dies After Fall From Building"
iMusicDaiy: "iMusicDaily Founder Thomas Lee Bridegroom Passes Away"
Schubert Says: "The Tragic Death of Tom Bridegroom Leaves Hollywood Speechless"

Tom will be laid to rest in Indiana in the coming days. The Los Angeles will take place on June 25th, according to the Facebook memorial page.


Bel Baca said...

I love you, Tom, & I miss you so much. You were one of the most fun & caring people I've ever met. Everyone at ACME loved you. You were always so patient & understanding & I feel so lucky to have known you & become close with you & eaten vegan ice cream with you, written for for you & laughed with you over the ugly brownies we made together... I know you are happy wherever you are & I take comfort in that you were too good for this world.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the YouTube video that Shane produced. WOW how moving I did not know you but certainly would have missed you! Wesley

Anonymous said...

I'm still in tears over this. I can't believe these events happen. It's so hard to see Shane's pain and to imagine it. I will continue to share this unfortunate story with every one I come in contact with so that Shane and Tom receive the justice and respect they deserve.

Much love and suppor from NYC

王鹏文 said...

Tom was a nice guy. He had lots of good qualities. If only our love could bring you back to life!