May 4, 2011

Contrast Release Party Tomorrow

Contrast is teaming up with Late Night at the Lehman Loeb for the launch party of their newest issue. The event is tomorrow night (Thursday), from 6-9 p.m. at the art center. There will be a student performer and food from Rossi's. It will be your only chance to get a copy of the issue!

Click here for more info.


Anonymous said...

Why did you delete that professor's comment off of the tenure story? Why have you blocked further comments? If you're going to be profiting off of his story in terms of increased blog traffic—and how could you not, with such an unnecessarily and misleadingly sensationalistic title—you should at least have the decency and respect to acknowledge his request, if not to honor it. It was a cowardly act, removing that comment. And it was a cowardly act, blocking any further comments. You must own up to and stand by your journalistic decisions if you hope to maintain any legitimacy, you know.

Anonymous said...

I was coming here to post the same comment. You should significantly change the original post, give only the bare details and then link to Kiese's blog. Let him do the talking, stop with the tabloid-esque digging.

Lolo said...

yea- was kind of wondering why you hadn't removed the story...

Aardvark said...

As someone who knows a fair amount about journalism, you shouldn't remove that story. The story is very much news — Laymon publicly made it so — and you can’t make a change just because a subject felt misrepresented. Since news is ideally reported neutrally, subjects in a conflict are inherently going to feel misrepresented in print; journalists have to stick to their best judgment.

That said, you shouldn't have deleted comments. If someone feels that one side's argument has been misconstrued, it's reader's right to know of this so that s/he may take more care in analyzing the story and forming an opinion.

Anonymous said...

You should at least explain the reasoning behind your decision, Mads.

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