May 10, 2011

Famous Alumnus Dies In Tragic Fall

We've just learned that Vassar alumnus Tom Bridegroom fell to his death while photographing a model. According to one source, he accidentally stepped off the balcony of a building in the Silver Lake neighborhood and fell four stories.

Before becoming a photographer, Tom was a male model and gained popularity hosting MTV's The X Effect in 2007. He turned twenty-nine last month.


Anonymous said...

RIP, Tom.

Anonymous said...

This is so tragic. RIP.

Anonymous said...

He had such a cheerful spirit and a smile that could light up a whole room. His laugh was unbelievably contagious and he will be missed by so many. May god hold you in the palm of his hands. Rest In Peace Tommy.

Cheri said...


王鹏文 said...
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王鹏文 said...
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Michael Arthur Yohan said...

Shane trust in God I know tom is around u and u will be together again one day your movie made me cry I will pray for u God Bless You

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