May 7, 2011

Other Original Candidate Is Applying For Vacated Position

Jeremy Garza '14, who ran for Main House president alongside Sienna Brown '13 and William Serio '13, tells us that he will be re-applying for the position now that Sienna has stepped down.

As for William Serio's request for the Board of Elections to use the existing votes rather than handing the decision over to the VSA Council, Jeremy says, "I trust whatever decision the council thinks is best."

Sources tell us that the VSA Council members involved in the elections process have held an emergency meeting to decide how to proceed.


Anonymous said...

I don't think blindly trusting in the VSA is the best idea, Jeremy. I want someone who'll stand up to the student government for Main constituents, not whose attitude is "Whatever the VSA decides is best."

Anonymous said...

^ Truth

What he should have called for was a special election where Main house constituents can decide between the two, now that Sienna is out of the picture.

Anonymous said...

You can call a request for a special elections all you want, in the end they will follow the constitution, just like they did back when they tried to change the VSA structure. They won't change the constitution with everyone on the verge of finals.

Anonymous said...

Regardless, the position of "whatever the VSA decides is best" is ludicrous. I wouldn't have supported him the first time if I had known that was his thought process.