May 8, 2011

Poughkeepsie Journal Writes Up Of Montreal Show

[Katie de Heras/Misc]
Two weeks after the big spring concert featuring The Knocks and of Montreal, The Poughkeepsie Journal has published its review. Here's what the writer - a SUNY New Paltz sophomore - had to say. (Correction: we originally wrote that the writer was a sophomore at Spackenkill High School.)

On The Knocks: "It was hard to care about two regular dudes singing about nighttime, dancing and having fun."

On the crowd: "Ten percent of every ViCE show's crowd takes the phrase 'Dance like no one's watching' way too literally and it's really, really wonderful."

On of Montreal: "Of Montreal's energy was received with varied reactions. Some audience members were drenched in sweat from boogieing while others checked their watches. The band interacted very little with the crowd and at times it felt like Barnes forgot people were watching him perform."

On last year's spring show featuring The Flaming Lips: "underwhelming"


Anonymous said...

The writer isn't a high school sophmore, he is a graduate of Spackenkill and is a sophmore at New Paltz.

Disappointing lack of editing going on here Mads!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but what an idiot. Anyone who would refer to last year's Spring show as underwhelming is clearly not going to be a reliable source on any show...

Anonymous said...

here's a good question: Why do you care what the article's author even said? People can have their own opinion of how they viewed the show. I also found that you did a great job of taking quotes out of context. cool story.

Anonymous said...

Keep it positive. Someone must spend a lot of time on this, as I'm sure you do something else. But you wouldn't want anyone being so harsh about your work... either tell him what types of stories you'd rather see, or keep it positive. I feel bad for the targets of hatin'.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, the Knocks were one of ViCE's best acts in the past four years.


Criticism of Mads is completely unnecessary. Clearly those who feel the need to write negatively about this blogger are jealous they don't have anything significant going for them. I'm sorry your life is so sad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yeah, WOAH PEOPLE. lay off a little..! you dont like the way the blog does things, start your own goddamn blog or at the very least, make your requests politely... stop bringing negative energy around!


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