May 3, 2011

The Top 10 Things Only Seniors Remember

Unbelievably, today is the last day of Vassar classes for members of the Class of 2011. Seniors are sure to be nostalgic for that time not so long ago when they were moving into the dorms for the first time, attending the Pimps & Hos party, and paying for DC food by each item. Here is a list of the top ten things (in no particular order) that only seniors will remember.

1. Haveagood. The ACDC cashier née Kathryn Porter who wished everyone to "have a good" left Vassar in 2008. It's sad that Porter passed away this semester and even more sad that only a quarter of current students will have any memory of her and her antics.

2. Trays/Trayffiti/Traying. When ACDC underwent significant changes in Fall 2008, trays disappeared. There was an uproar about it for a while and then people realized balancing two plates actually wasn't that bad. Missed though will be the culture that came with the trays, including trayffiti and traying on Sunset Hill.

3. Boredat. Before the slew of anonymous online message boards that arrived this school year, Bored@Vassar shook things up and showed everyone just how mean Vassar students are. Things got so nasty that administration forced the site's creator - a Columbia student who ran versions of the site for multiple schools - to take it offline.

4. Serenading with food. OK, sophomores can remember this too, but the current water fights are child's play compared to what seniors used to put freshmen through.

5. Scantily Clad. It was an event crazy enough to be covered in Vice Magazine. Imagine the entire student body practically naked and squeezed into the Cushing MPR. They sure don't make campus parties like they used to.

6. Dean JJ Jackson (and her songs). Before Chris Roellke, there was Dean JJ Jackson, who famously sang "Colors of the Wind" at the welcoming ceremony for freshmen. She left us for the University of Kentucky in 2008.

7. Old Davison. Members of the Class of 2013 got brand new rooms in Davison when they arrived at Vassar, while 2012 saw it covered in scaffolding when they first came. Only seniors remember what it used to look like inside.

8. Naps. Depending on who you ask, seniors will remember Napoli's late-night pizza delivery as either the best or worst food ever made. No one really knew where it came from - according to the legend, it was from the kitchen of an old man who used ketchup instead of tomato sauce. But when they closed and re-opened as Cozzy's, things were never the same.

9. The old Raymond & Collegeview. Can underclassmen imagine a time when Bacio's, Babycakes, MyMarket, and Twisted Soul weren't within walking distance? Or when you had to wait to cross the street before there was a roundabout? Or when administration started a scandal when they tore down the fence on the north side of campus?

(Update: To clarify, Babycakes closed temporarily in 2007 before re-opening in 2008. We meant that seniors are the only current students who can remember a time when Babycakes was not open.)

10. Blegen House. Before it moved to its current location on the second floor of the College Center, the LGBTQ center had its own house next to the Bayit on Collegeview Avenue. It supposedly closed for renovations, but never reopened either because of financial restraints or code violations.


Mystitat said...

Personally, I'm pleased that Serenading got less intense. When I was a freshman, I had a can of cold soup dropped on my head from one of the upper floors of Davison. Also, covering us in sugary syrup and sending us to sing on a field full of bees was probably not the best idea.

Dante said...

Oh goodness...where did Baby Cakes go to? I'm class of 2007 and haven't been back in a year. :(

Lolo said...

11. When Mads posts were about who was the Hot Mess of the weekend! (which I do sort of miss). You've come a long way!

Anonymous said...

This post is inaccurate. Babycakes has always been within walking distance.

Vassar2011 said...

This is so sad!!!!!
Those really were the days.

"Mads Vassar" said...

To clarify, Babycakes closed temporarily in 2007 before re-opening in 2008. We meant that seniors are the only current students who can remember a time when Babycakes was not open.

Anonymous said...

belgen house did not close for violations, was given to vassar worker :(

Anonymous said...

Great list, it made this '07 grad nostalgic... we remember all those things too, it's nuts that they're no more. Although we also had our things that the underclassmen were too fresh-faced to know about -- and the last of them graduated last year! I guess life goes on.

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