May 15, 2011

What You "Liked" In Spring '11 (Before Blogger Messed It Up)

We were all set to publish our bi-annual list of the Mads posts you "liked" this semester, when Blogger went ahead and messed up all the "likes." Luckily, we got them down before the malfunction. Here it is...

1. Exclusive premiere of "Theory of Flight" song / 38 likes
Either the students behind the Theory of Flight project "liked" the post a bunch of times to get some publicity, or this was the semester that Vassar students really supported each other's creative endeavors. Next up for the project is a live performance in the Aula on Thursday as part of Senior Week.

2. The tenure committee messes with Kiese Laymon / 27 likes
In one of the biggest and most controversial stories of the semester, a professor felt that the tenure committee treated him unfairly. Students showed their support by liking the post. Or maybe they just liked the drama.

3. Checking in with the Deece cat / 25 likes
It's the Vassar celeb that won't go away. The stray cat that made a home outside of ACDC dominated our list last semester, so we decided to check in with its adoptive owner.

4. Canadians don't know what Vassar is / 24 likes
Our school may pride itself on being a highly selective coeducational liberal arts institution, but our neighbors to the north don't give a shit. Or at least this one article would lead you to believe.

5. Photo of the day: Stop praying for snow / 24 likes
As we found last semester, no matter how hard we work on these posts, all it comes down to is a funny photo. This one came out during the infamous Snowpocalypse of 2011.

6. Spotted: Cappy doesn't want the chili / 24 likes
Everyone liked our random anecdote about Cappy dissing Chili Day in the Retreat. One Two Six Oh Four even turned it into a cartoon a few weeks later.

7. Betty will return to her famous spot / 22 likes
One of Vassar's most tragic losses this school year was of Betty Francis, the former security guard who passed away in December. This semester, student leaders began to plan a memorial plaque to go by the Mug, a spot Betty knew well.

8. Meryl cross-dresses as Matthew / 22 likes
Not only did our most popular alumna cross dress on the cover of the Alumnae/i Quarterly, but she did it as Matthew Vassar!

9. An Open Letter to Dutch bartender / 20  likes
Before the Dutch Cabin became Billy Bob's BBQ, we took to the blog to express our feelings about everyone's least favorite bartender. It turns out a lot of you agreed. Luckily, BBBBQ got some new help.

10. Exclusive: First look at Founder's Day merch / 20 likes
We did a lot of Founder's Day posts, but this one got the most attention. No wonder items sold out within the first few days of sales.


Anonymous said...

"Cappy Doesn't Want the Chili" was the best. I showed it to all my friends. I also took a screenshot of it and saved it to my computer. And I even attached it to emails to show people.

Nina said...

hahaha no I did not like the ToF post. although, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else on the team did. :-)

Sadly, no performance anymore during senior week, but thanks for the plug anyway.


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